Collagen meniscus implant India

Collagen Meniscus implant India

Have you lost the meniscus of your knee? You were at risk of knee arthriits. The good news is that the Collagen meniscus implant now available in my practice. It is a device to build up volume after partial menisectomy. Menisci are the shock absorbers of the knee. Many patients that have undergone partial menisectomy are at risk…

Stem cell treatment Knee Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell treatment Knee arthritis

Do you suffer from osteo-arthritis knee? It is due to cartilage thinning and loss. Stem cell treatment Knee arthritis can improve your symptoms. It is indicated for middle aged people with knee pain. It is done as a day care procedure. Recovery is quick. However it is not recommended for everybody. Your eligibility has to be…

Cartilage repair course certificate

Repair Knee cartilage India

Do you want to repair Knee cartilage India? If you have damaged your cartilage in sports or a domestic event, you may be experiencing symptoms like pain, swelling, clicking etc. In that case you may want this  treatment. Cartilage repair  in selected patients can postpone degenerative arthritis.  As they depend on the human body’s own repair…

ACL reconstruction India

Have you damaged your ACL? Do you need ACL reconstruction India? Read about the procedure. Watch a surgery video. Read patient stories here. The best time for ACL reconstruction-is six to eight weeks after injury. Early key hole surgery prevents arthritis. Neglected ACL injuries can lead to cartilage damage in the knee. Menisci and articular cartilage become progressively…


Allograft ACL reconstruction India

Allograft ACL reconstruction India

Allografts are tissue obtained from human cadaver or live donors. Allograft ACL reconstruction India will be soon available in my practice. I have used bone allograft to reconstruct hip sockets. The advantage of using Allograft is that additional morbidity for harvesting your own tissue is avoided. The ligament reconstruction can be done through key hole…


Do you have knee pain in young age? It could be due to a cartilage lesion.  Microfracture is one of the key hole surgery methods to relieve knee pain in sedentary patients. It consists of making small holes in the area of damaged cartilage to stimulate a healing response. Short term results are promising but in…


Guest hospital

New hospital affiliation

I am now available for consultation and procedures at Guest hospital, Ponnamalle high road, Chennai 600010.  Tel- 2641 1656. My OPD timings are between 9-10.30 am. I continue to be available at Chennai Meenakshi multi specialty hospital and my private clinic in Besant nagar.