book-a-consultationHave you damaged your ACL? An Anterior cruciate ligament injury India is the most common ligament injury. Get ACL reconstruction from an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Chennai.
The anterior cruciate ligament is one of four ligaments stabilizing the knee. Ligaments are cord like tissues, which connect one bone to another. In the knee there are four ligaments,

  • Medial collateral (inner).
  • Lateral collateral (outer).
  • Anterior cruciate.
  • Posterior cruciate.
    The Anterior cruciate ligament runs from the back of the thigh-bone to the front of the inner side of the  leg bone. It prevents the leg bone from sliding off in front from the thigh bone. The ACL injury can be a partial sprain or a complete tear.

Mechanism of injury-
The most common mechanism is a sports injury where there is a cutting or twisting injury to the knee.
Activities for risk
Injuries in sports like football when the player tries to tackle from the back, his knee twists and he falls to the ground. Participation in other sports like basketball, cricket, skiing and hockey can also result in ACL injury
As can a blow to the knee from the front, a sudden decelerating injury during running.
The commonest mode of injury in India are scooter/ motor cycle accidents where the scooterist brakes suddenly, and plants his leg to the ground to balance himself. Patients with cruciate ligament injuries are prone to develop tears of the menisci (semilunar cartilages). This can lead to secondary osteoarthritis.

What is the future for a patient with an ACL injury?
Complete ACL injuries result in instability of the knee joint. Whenever the person runs or comes downstairs rapidly the tibia slides off the femur. This can lead to repeated falls. These can result in injuries to the semilunar cartilages or menisci. Meniscal tears can lead to mechanical symptoms like locking or unexpected falls. A combination of persistent ligamentous laxity and meniscal tears can result in the development of secondary osteo-arthritis.

Treatment- ACL reconstruction surgery.  I perform anatomic ACL reconstruction through key hole surgery. Listen to a discussion on ACL injuries and their treatment in Chennai, India here. If you want to know more about this injury and its treatment see here.

The best time for ACL surgery is three to four weeks after the inju.ry. My success rate is excellent.

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