Have you been diagnosed with Avascular necrosis knee. What is it? In this condition there is cessation of the blood supply to one of the condyles of the knee. It can lead to secondary osteo-arthritis.

1.It can occur without any primary cause (Idiopathic) 2. Alcohol abuse can lead to development of avascular necrosis 3. Consumption of steroids is another causative factor.
Symptoms & Signs
-Sudden onset of pain in the knee joint without any injury.
-The pain progresses in nature and intensity.
-There may be an effusion.
-Movement may be preserved in early stages
-There may not be much crepitus.
In the earliest stage radiological signs may not be visible. An MRI scan done in a patient who may be a high risk candidate for this condition may show alteration of signal intensity. In later stages the classic crescent sign of subchondral collapse occurs. There are surprisingly few changes on arthroscopy over the affected condyle.
Symptomatic measures like RICE.

Surgical options-

When pain is unrelieved then arthroscopy and drilling may bring in neovascularity and pain relief.

Addition of stem cells may improve results.

In advanced stages of one half of hte knee a  unicondylar knee replacement may be advised.

If all portions of the knee are affected, a total knee replacement is advised.

Avascular necrosis knee

Avascular necrosis knee