Are you shy of your bow legs? Do you wish to wear shorts but those bendy legs just seem akward? You don’t have to withdraw or feel shy any more. Bow leg correction India will straighten your legs and restore your confidence.

Don’t feel that you are alone.  book-a-consultationThis is a common anatomical abnormality seen in young and middle aged people.

Predisposing causes are

  • Undiagnosed rickets in infancy and childhood.
  • Blount’s disease – a condition in which the medial growth plate of the upper end of the tibia fuses prematurely. This is common in Africa.
  • Hereditary.

Issues and risks-
1.It is cosmetically unattractive
2.Wearing Jeans or shorts is out.
3.Your friends may appear taller than you
4.Your gait may be wobbly.
5.You may feel some discomfort in your knees.

Later on bow legs  can lead to the development of wear or knee arthritis in the inner half of the knee.

I take an history and a thorough clinical examination. I perform necessary blood, urine and radiological investigations. These include standing x rays of both legs, possibly MRI and CT scans.

I do a high tibial osteotomy. I do an open wedge osteotomy. By this I mean that I will correct this deformity by jacking out the inner side of your leg bone and fixing it with a plate. It is a small procedure and requires a hospital stay of two days. You will be able to walk on the leg early. If both legs are affected, then I do them one after the other with a gap of two or three months.

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