book-a-consultationHave you developed knee arthritis after a major accident? Neglected Knee fractures can lead to post traumatic arthritis.
Fractures of the knee can involve the thigh bone (femur), leg bone (tibia) and the kneecap (patella). They are important in as they can extend into the knee joint which is a major weight bearing joint. Accurate repositioning of the broken fragments and firm fixation is required to allow early movement. Improper treatment leads to early wear and tear from alteration of the normal stresses. This can lead to osteoarthritis. These fractures can occur in the following ways. A direct blow in a car occupant, motorcyclist or scooterist can hit the kneecap. The thighbone requires a large amount of violence as in a road traffic accident. The leg bone also can be injured in accidents. In addition the top of the leg bone called the condyles are broken in elderly persons due to osteoporosis (weakness of bones) with application of minimal force. In addition, other types of fractures can occur in the knee joint like in Cancer (pathological fracture), avulsion of the attachments of tendons and injury through the growth plates in children.

Risk factors

  • Injury to the bone
  • Weakness of bones (Osteoporosis)
  • Cancer (Pathological fractures)


  • Sudden onset of pain .
  • Sudden swelling due to bleeding into the knee joint. .
  • Inability to move the broken bone.
  • Discoloration of the leg and thigh.
  • Involvement of the blood vessels or nerves

Treatment-These fractures require open reduction to set them in place and are fixed by screws, plates or wires, unlike other long bone fractures, which can be treated conservatively. Neglected fractures with skin, soft tissue damage and arthritis need expert managment. See a patient’s story here.

If you have developed arthritis following a major knee fracture, e mail for an appointment.


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