Medial collateral ligament injurybook-a-consultationThe medial collateral ligament runs from the inside of the lower end of the thighbone to the inside of the upper end of the leg bone. An intact ligament prevents the leg from moving outwards on the thighbone.

Mode of injury
A blow to the outside of the knee joint with the foot planted steadily on the ground can sprain or rupture the medial collateral ligament.

Risks-Contact sports like hockey, football, skiing, basketball and skating.
-Pain over the inside of the knee joint after the injury.
-Giving away of the knee joint and opening up of the joint on the inside.

A M. R. I scan maybe required to rule out an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament menisci and cartilages of the knee joint.

.Rest ice compression and elevation works in the stage of an acute injury.
.Crutches maybe required for a short period.
.A brace maybe required to be worn for a short period.

Warming up exercises is mandatory before commencing any sport. It is advisable to build up the quadriceps and hamstring muscles for any sport. By doing so, other ligament injuries can also be prevented.

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