Meniscal injuries treatment India

Meniscal injuries treatment India

book-a-consultationHas your orthopedic surgeon told you that you have a meniscus tear in India? If you are young and want to remain active, then it is better to get meniscal injuries treatment in India. Why should you get treatment of meniscal injuries in India?
The menisci act like washers in the knee joint. When intact they distribute stresses inside the knee joint and . They also help in lubrication of the joint. They are two in number, the medial (inner) meniscus and the lateral (outer). They are sandwiched between the femur and the tibia. Meniscal injuries  produce symptoms  like locking. Meniscal injuries can occur when there is a twisting injury to the knee joint. They can also be injured along with anterior cruciate ligament injuries. A damaged meniscus often leads to a tear. Most meniscal tears are seen in young age. Degenerative tears can occur due to overuse in old age.

What are the symptoms
-The knee can lock suddenly.
-Pain. This happens if a flap after being torn is sandwiched and leads to over distension of the capsule or bag of the joint.
-Swelling. As compared to swelling arising from a torn ligament, the swelling develops slowly and is not marked.

Treatment of meniscus tears

  • Partial Menisectomy
  • Meniscal repair
  • Meniscal implant

The treatment of meniscus tears depends on the blood supply. Tears occuring in an area with good blood supply can be repaired successfully.
Small tears in an area without blood supply can be treated by partial menisectomy.
Fresh bucket handle tears can be repaired by meniscal suture.
Larger tears resulting in total or sub total menisectomy need a meniscal implant. I offer this meniscus implant in my practice.
If the meniscus is totally missing you will need a meniscal transplant from a cadaver.  I offer meniscal transplant in India.
The reason is that the protective function of the menisci is lost and arthritis will develop within five years. This is why you need to get your meniscus treated.
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