Do you suffer from patellar tendonitis? What is it? Read on….

Anatomical background
book-a-consultationThe patellar tendon is the terminal tendon of the quadriceps muscle. It stretches from the patella to its insertion on the Tibial tubercle. Patellar tendinosis is the right word. It is a degenerative change in the tendon. This painful condition is seen in volleyball players, triple jumpers and other athletes who jump a lot. In this condition, there is pain around the knee cap. The pain can recur after physical activity like jumping or running.This condition is a cause of anterior knee pain in the athletes and sportsmen

Causes and risks
Over training in sports is mainly responsible. Lack of physical conditioning before a new sporting or repeated activity is another factor. Volleyball players and athletes who jump a lot are at risk of developing this condition.

An MRI scan will confirm the partial tear of the patellar tendon and the lesion of the fat pad.

Warming up is important before any sport. Stretching the tendon by toe touches is helpful. Build up your quadriceps.

Immediate measures include rest, ice, compression and elevation. Cessation of the responsible physical activity for the time being is useful in arresting the symptoms. A pain of shorter duration recovers faster than one of long standing. Athletes who have to remain fit can perform other physical exercises preferably under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Use a patellar brace. If the symtoms still persist, then I may advice an arthroscopic debridement of the lesion. PRP injections are a new method of treating this condition. I offer this treatment in India.
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