Have you damaged your ACL? Do you need ACL reconstruction India? Read about the procedure. Watch a surgery video. Read patient stories here.
book-a-consultationThe best time for ACL reconstruction-is six to eight weeks after injury. Early key hole surgery prevents arthritis. Neglected ACL injuries can lead to cartilage damage in the knee. Menisci and articular cartilage become progressively damaged and early arthritis may set in.  Hence timely ACL reconstruction is advised. The cost of ACL reconstruction is approximately 100,000 INR for a day care procedure.

I perform  ACL reconstruction by key hole method. I use your own patellar & hamstring tendons as graft. I use the anatomical foot print method. I use interference screws, endo button and tight rope for fixation. In a revision procedure, I use the quadriceps tendon. I also offer surgery for associated injuries. These are cartilage and meniscus injuries.
Post operatve regime
You will wear a brace for a few weeks. Time to weight bearing depends on the type of graft. Usually it start on the next day after a patellar tendon graft. It is delayed in case of hamstring graft. My therapist follows an accelerated rehab program so that you can return to normal level quickly.

ACL reconstruction India

ACL reconstruction

Watch an ACL reconstruction procedure here. 

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