Both knee replacements India.
Are you looking to get both knee replacements done ?

book-a-consultationRheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis commmonly involve both knees. Many such patients want both knee replacements to be done.
Is it safe ? Many studies have vouched for the decreased morbidity afer simultaneous replacement. Bilateral knee replacements are safe in young patients without cardiac problems. In older patients the risks may be higher. Here it is better to do a sequential TKR (replace one knee first and then replace the other after a gap of one to two months. This involves two periods of hospital stay.
I prefer to do both knees with a gap of five days in older patients. In carefully selected younger patients, I may do both in one sitting.
Please see the cost section for inclusion and exclusion criteria.
Please see FAQ’s for more information on both knee replacements.

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