Do you want a High flex total knee replacement India ?
This is a popular procedure amongst Indians and middle east patients.

highflex-pic2book-a-consultationThis special form of full bending or high flex knee replacement was pioneered in Tamil nadu by Dr.Venkatachalam in 2005. Some religious beliefs require a person to kneel for prayer. A high flexion knee replacement using a special prosthesis allows bending upto 155 degrees and permits kneeling. Many more patients have undergone a a High flex,H( Hi flex) or full bending knee. A normal TKR allows a person to sit on a chair, use an Indian toilet but does not permit to squat and sit cross legged. whereas Activities possible after a High flex TKR are sitting cross legged, squatting, kneeling and use of Indian toilet.

Aggressive physiotherapy
Physiotherapy is important to gain full bending. It is commenced 48 hrs after your operation when pain is tolerable and the wound is settling. Active knee bending is taught to the motivated patient. You will able to get full bending by three months if you have done physio-therapy properly.