Have you got knock knees? A lower femoral osteotomy will correct this deformity and prevent arthritis.

Alternative to knee replacment
book-a-consultationKnock knees or valgus knees are prone to developing osteoarthritis of the lateral compartment. To correct a valgus deformity ot the knee a lower femoral osteotomy is done. I do an open wedge osteotomy of the lateral side.
Internal fixation is used to hold the osteotomy until healing takes place.

Outer half knee pain is the main indication
Knock knees which cause wear in the outer half of the knee produce outer half knee pain. The deformity is done at the lower end of the thigh bone(Femur)

Postponement of knee replacement
A total knee replacment can be postoponed by as much as 10 years by this procedure.

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