Do you want a Patellar stabilization procedure in India? The patella is the commonest bone after the shoulder joint to subluxate. Patellar stabilization is frequently needed by young ladies. We perform this procedure in India. See how how it is done.

Lateral release or tibial tubercle transfer
book-a-consultationThe patella is a sesamoid bone in the quadriceps tendon. It sits in the trochlea at the lower end of the femur. It is held in position by a balance of its soft tissue restraints. An imbalance of these restraints may result in a tendency to subluxate (partial) or dislocate (complete). This condition is called recurrent subluxation or dislocation. Patellar stabilization procedures attempt to restore the central position of the patella, statically or dynamically. They address either the proximal or the distal restraints or a combination of the two. They may involve an operation on the soft tissues or the bone (osteotomy) A lateral release constitutes a part of the operation. Postoperative immobilization is used for about six weeks.

Lateral release
This operation is done by open, semi open or arthroscopically. In this the tight lateral structures of the patella are divided and the patella allowed to sulbux medially. Laser, Radio frequency or cautery can be used to do an arthroscopic lateral release. Bilateral lateral release can be done in the same sitting

Tibial tubercle transfer
In this operation, the distal attachment of the patellar tendon is shifted medially by an oblique osteotomy.

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