Do you want a uni condylar knee replacement in India? 

book-a-consultationUni-condylar or partial knee replacement is a useful procedure for partial knee arthritis.  It offers lasting pain relief in the middle aged patient.

The quality of pain relief provided by a partial knee replacement is good.

Usually a medial unicondylar or partial knee replacement is performed for medial compartment arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis & Inflammatory arthritis are not suitable. The recovery is quicker than a total knee replacement.  There should be no flexion deformity, valgus/ varus should be less than 10 degrees, good range of flexion should be available.

What is the ideal weight for a unicondylar knee

The patient should be lesser than 100 kilos.

Many elderly patients with partial knee arthritis will benefit from this procedure
The blood loss is minimal, recovery is faster, and the patient feels more satisfied as the new artificial knee behaves much more like a normal knee. Hospital stay is reduced to 24 to 48 hrs

To determine your eligibility for a partial knee replacement, send me an e mail at Criteria for unicondylar knee

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