book-a-consultationDate:18/05/2006 URL: ——————————————————————————– Tamil Nadu – Chennai British grandmother undergoes high flex knee replacement surgery M. Dinesh Varma Stages `remarkable recovery’ in 10 days CHENNAI: Neither cancer in old age nor a near-crippled knee could stop 69-year-old British grandmother, Mary Carmichael from coming all the way to Chennai for surgery. Ms. Carmichael who hails from north-east England underwent a high flex knee replacement through a small incision at the Venkateswara hospital. When Ms. Carmichael’s knees started failing over the last two months, she did not even consider treatment through the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS). Opting for private surgery in India, she was put through to orthopaedic surgeon A.K. Venkatachalam. In a week’s time she was on a flight to India along with husband George. On Wednesday last, two days after her arrival here, a small incision (minimally invasive procedure) high flex total knee replacement was done. On day one post-surgery, she was walking with the help of a frame and within a week was able to bend and touch the floor. She also stopped taking painkillers altogether. “Her recovery in a span of ten days is remarkable,” Dr. Venkatachalam said. According to him, minimally invasive surgery spares tissue dissection, reduces post-operative pain and avoids blood transfusion besides accelerating recovery. A high flexion prosthesis permits the patient to regain normal bending of 155 degrees, he said. A week after surgery, she is ready for her holiday at the seaside resort of Mammallapuram. © Copyright 2000 – 2006 The Hindu