book-a-consultationI do the procedures listed below.
Knee arthroplasty

1) Total Knee replacement   ( Hi flex , rotating platform, oxinium)
2) Unicondylar knee replacement
3) High tibial osteotomy
4) Simultaneous or sequential Bilateral knee replacement
5) Knee resurfacing with Orthoglide implant
6) Patient specific instruments (custom fit) knee replacement.
7) Computer assisted knee replacement
8) Revision knee replacement.
9) Partial knee replacement, patello femoral knee replacement.
Arthroscopic surgery ( key hole surgery) 
1) Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction (anatomical)
2) Arthroscopic menisectomy
3) Arthroscopic lateral release
4) Arthroscopic loose body retrieval
5) Arthroscopic synovial biopsy
6) Arthroscopic debridement for septic arthritis.
7) Arthroscopic micro-fracture and abrasion chondroplasty
8) Arthroscopic mosaicplasty
9) Stem cell treatment

Adult Knee reconstruction

1) High tibial osteotomy open and close wedge
2) Lower femoral osteotomy open wedge
3) Tibial tubercle osteotomy
4) Patellar stabilization with medial plication
5) Knee arthrodesis for infected and failed knee replacement and redo.
6) Internal fixation of intra articular fractures.
7) MUA for stiff knee (Post tkr)
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