Ahmed Aideed, UK – Bilateral knee replacements

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Kenyan double knee replacement IndiaFather’s revision knee replacement

bafb~22447_108327242514923_100000129434266_228875_376150_nbook-a-consultationHi Doc, This is Ahmed Aideed I hope you and your family are doing fine…… We arrived back in Kenya safely and the leg has tremendously improved. The wound is covered by skin. Keep my name as one of your referees my UK no. is 0208 572 8447 mobile is 0753323874. I will gladly provide a positive reference and I will surely recommend you to anyone who is looking both hip and knee replacement. Thank you for all the support Thank you for your superb services Ahmed London, UK

Ahmed Aideed, UK - Bilateral knee replacementsAhmed AideedUK

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