Dr.Shettima Mustafa, Nigeria- High flex knee

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Left High flex TKR

Dr.Shettimabook-a-consultationDear Dr A.K. Venkatachalam, Please accept our fraternal greetings. My family and I have arrived safely in Abuja on Friday 11th April, 2008. It was quite a journey. Thank you very much for the super attention you and your colleagues gave us while at Chennai. I have seen Dr Deshi and was quite happy with my progress. On the wound, it has reasonably healed but I am still dressing it to avoid any possible infection until it totally dries. The swelling has substantially subsided to less than 30% of before. I think the angle of folding has slightly improved, while both the regularity and speed of the pulse have normalized. By and large I am making good progress. I thought I should give you this progress report for your record. Once again thank you and our warmest regards. Aisha is sending her regards to her friends – the nurses and the ward servants/cleaners. Shettima Mustafa Abuja, Nigeria

Dr.Shettima Mustafa, Nigeria- High flex kneeDr.Shettima MustafaNigeria

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