Mr.Abid Hussain, Malaysia- High flex knee

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dr.mshbook-a-consultationHi Doctor, I hope you are doing fine and making the patients walk as good as ever. I felt proud of you and also of myself for getting to know you and seeing your abilities as a great surgeon and a humble human being. God Bless you for this. Dad is recovering fast from his TKR and is doing his exercises regularly (as what he tells me) and he is convinced that in another month he will be walking without any support (I would like to believe him on this). Abid Hussain, Singapore S/o Dr.M.S.Husssain Lucknow Dear Doc, Attached are the photos of my dad which you wanted. You can see how much he has improved and its all because of you and my dads constant effort. Thanks again cheers Abid Hussain Jakarta

Mr.Abid Hussain, Malaysia- High flex kneeMr.Abid HussainMalaysia

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