Mr.Ken Austin, Bradford UK- Knee replacement in elderly

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80 year old great grand dad
mr.kenbook-a-consultation80 year old great grand dad Dear Doctor My swim in Greece went very well even though I wasn’t able to do my original swim due to rough seas. However, I think I covered about the same distance. You will have seen from Polly’s photos that I had 4 swimmers to accompany me though they stayed well behind so that it was my swim. You may be pleased to know that I raised a total of £535 which will go towards building an extension to a school for disabled children in the south of Tamil Nadu. My knee is doing very well although I bruised it today in a fall in the supermarket. I quite frequently fall when the toe of my prosthesis catches on the floor & I have nothing to support me. Otherwise the joint seems to be doing well. I went to my GP last week because I still had some pain & couldn’t straighten my knee very well. I thought that this might be because of fluid retention. He said that I had better have an x-ray so I am waiting for the results of that. On the NHS it takes about 10 days normally but we are having postal difficulties at the moment so I don’t know when I’ll get a result but actually the joint seems a lot easier now.. I’m sorry to say that there doesn’t seem to have been much interest locally in my experiences. I never cease from extolling your expertise but I suppose there aren’t that many people, needing a joint replacement, who can afford to fly to India. I also have nothing but praise for the way I was treated at the hotel. I found the staff to be very helpful in spite of language difficulties . The staff at the hospital was also very kind & did their best to make me comfortable. I am very grateful for the attention I received & am certainly in much better condition than I was when I arrived in Chennai. I will email you again when I get the results of the x-rays.

Mr.Ken Austin, Bradford UK- Knee replacement in elderlyMr.Ken AustinBradford UK

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