We had many Options of Doctors and Surgeons in Chennai when we decided to do Knee replacement for my mother, she was not able to stand and do her regular household work, she made up her mind not to go thro the operation as it is very painful and also she had Kidney complications.

After meeting Dr.Venkatachalam she gained confidence of doing for both the legs, pre test and clearance from Nephrologist was important as my mom had only 1 Kidney on 90% efficiency. Doctor guided us to right Nephrologist and only after that clearance he said will undertake the operation.

After all the clearances the operation was done successfully and was discharged in 10 days after both the knee replacements was done.

As per his advised Physiotherapist we started exercise and she is now walking without any pain, climbing stairs, going out, my mom has gained so much of confidence and all our family members are so happy to see her relieved of pain and smile on her face.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Venkathachalam who has taken challenging patients and given very good results, his care and followup has helped my mom to recover soon.

I wish you all the very best.


Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Chennai