Do you need PCL reconstruction India? Learn about PCL reconstruction below. I offer this procedure in Chennai, India.

The PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) is the stronger of the two-intra articular ligaments in the knee. It is the ligament that is situated at the back of the knee and runs from the tibia bone to the femur bone. It prevents the knee joint from bending backward against itself ( hyperextension) and the tibia bone from sliding backward on the femur bone. It can be avulsed or torn from the femoral or tibial insertions or in its mid-substance. Sometimes it may be pulled off from the tibia with a piece of bone. This is known as an avulsion fracture.
It is a major injury and can lead to arthritis if left untreated. Usually a dislocation of the knee disrupts all the knee ligaments including the PCL. Repeated MRI scans of the injured PCL have shown that it has a propensity to heal naturally. In long standing cases of PCL deficiency patello femoral arthritis may develop. In symptomatic cases of PCL injury reconstruction is advisable.

I was one of the first surgeons to have performed PCL reconstruction in Chennai. Read a patient testimonial here. Watch his video testimonial below recorded after 11 years.

I perform All inside Arthroscopic guided PCL reconstruction with hamstring tendons. I use Tightrope RT for graft fixation. I have been trained for this procedure at the advanced arthroscopy skills course in Singapore.


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