Has your previous ACL reconstruction failed?  The symptoms include pain, giving way, lack of full movement. It can lead to arthritis. Get failed ACL surgery treatment India by revision ACL reconstruction.

Causes of failure
book-a-consultationA previously done ACL reconstruction may fail for the following reasons.
1) The graft may be malpositioned
2) Recurrent injury
3) Failure of graft incorpration
4) Other unrecongnized causes.

Investigations- An MRI scan or arthroscopy may be needed to determine the cause of the failure.

Indications for surgery
The main indication for a revision ACL reconstruction is repeated giving away.

The other indications are lack of full movements, recurrent instability, pain and effusion.

Graft choice
A different source of graft is chosen, either allograft or an autogaft. I use the Quadriceps tendon routine cases and allograft if needed.

It can be done at a single sitting or in two stages. The first operation may restore movements and address bony defects. The second one will reconstruct the deficient ligament by a graft. A cartilage repair procedure may be required in addition if long standing instability has resulted in cartilage damage.

The results are not as good as a primary ACL reconstruction.

If you need a revision ACL reconstruction in India- email drvenkat@kneeindia.com.

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