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High Flexion Knee

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The High flex knee (High Flexion Knee) is a boon for those patients seeking increased function instead of just pain relief.

It allows activities like stair climbing, squatting, kneeling, gardening which are not possible with conventional knee replacements.

High flexion can be achieved with a combination of implant selection, patient selection, surgical technique and dedicated physiotherapy.

In order to benefit from a high flex knee replacement a few criteria should be met

a) Osteoarthritis is the main indication. If it is rheumatoid arthritis, bony destruction should not be advanced.
b) Revision knees are not suited for high flexion
c) Fused knees cannot be replaced with a high flexion knee.
d) The thigh calf index should be above 90 degrees.
e) The patient should be motivated to achieve deep knee bending and should participate in aggressive post operative physiotherapy.

Some activities possible only with the full bending or high flex knee replacements are shown below. Watch a video on High Flex Knee Replacement

After High Flex Replacement

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Double High flex knee replacements

After High Flexion Replacement

Bilateral High Flexion Replacement