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FRCS (UK), M.Ch Orth (UK), DNB Orth, MS Orth

I am a Joint replacement surgery specialist in Chennai, India.
My advanced training, focused approach and continuing education
ensure high standards and quality of care for my patients

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Pioneered Knee replacement
in Young patients

Durable implants and smart tools extend the life of a knee replacement
in young patients. Several young patients have got a
new lease of mobility.

Knee replacement in Young patients

i assist knee replacement



Pioneered Full bending Knee replacement
and minimal invasive replacement.

A minimal invasive and full bending Knee replacement offers considerable
advantages over conventional methods. As a result of increased
mobility, patients are able to enjoy activities which require kneeling
and sitting cross legged.

Minimal invasive knee replacement

High flexion knee replacement guide



Knee replacement alternatives

The goal of these procedures is to allow patients to enjoy the use of
their natural knee by several years, postpone a knee replacement and
avoid a revision surgery.

High tibial osteotomy

Cartilage regeneration



Hip and Knee revision surgery

A revision surgery is required when your primary hip and knee replacement
has failed. Joint replacements fail due to several reasons.

Revision knee replacement

Revision Hip replacement


See how knee surgery in India can restoreyour normal activities. Receive 1-1 care

Full bending knee replacement gives maximum function. See what suits you best.

 Why me?

My goal is to restore your mobilty and flexiblity. I have performed knee replacements in complicated cases like obesity, renal failure, fused knees, neglected fractures and failed operations from elsewhere. I am able to work with you to provide a customized solution for your needs.

Knee replacement surgery choices – Total knee replacement is the permanent treatment after exhausting non-surgical options. I offer total knee replacement surgery and other knee procedures customized to your requirement. I offer stem cell treatment and Cartilage surgery options for young patients with damaged knees.

Implants - 

I only use those implants which have a good standing in joint registries and backed by experimental evidence. I routinely use implants that give full bending or high flex knee replacement. If you are a woman, the Gender specific knee replacement will feel more comfortable. If wear is limited to one part of the knee alone, a partial  knee replacement is the logical answer. If you have developed arthritis in young age, a durable knee which last for 30 years knee is available. I was the first to introduce durable Oxinium implants in this region in November 2008. See the video testimonial of the first recepient here. I introduced the Journey, Visionaire and Verilast CR knees in Chennai. I was the first surgeon to use the Orthoglide interpositional arthroplasty in Tamil nadu in April 2012.

Alternatives -

1. Regenerative medicine procedures with stem cells are performed in selected patients. Listen to a patient story for Knee Cartilage Repair in India.

2. An Osteotomy can relieve pain in suitable patients.

3. Arthroscopic procedures like Meniscal impant, Meniscal replacement, cartilage repair, ligament repair preserve your own knee and delay need for a replacement. These alternative procedures enable you to prolong the use of your natural knee for as long as possible.

Technological advances -

1. I use the I Assist smart tool to get perfect alignment. Smart tools enable me to align implants accurately in complicated cases and young patients. There is a correlation between perfect alignment and durability of implants. I was the first surgeon to use the I Assist smart tool with the Gender specific and Verilast knees.

2. I use a minimally invasive approach in selected cases.

3. When your  primary replacement has failed, I offer revision surgeryI use advanced pre-operative planning to select the right materials for this purpose. Listen to a patient story here.

Anesthesia and pain relief - The single factor preventing patients from seeking surgery is fear of pain. Our pain relief protocol minmizes post operative pain and allows early discharge. Listen to a patient story here. My patients have very little post op pain, eat normally,  walk soon and go home by the fifth day.

Support services - The hospitals have accomodation to suit all pockets. Services of all specialists are available round the clock. You begin the evaluation by consulting specialists who are going to be involved in your care. Microbiology support is available while dealing with infected joints. I work with an independent radiologist interested in musculo skeletal radiology. My dedicated physical therapist will help you regain full function with the latest protocol.

Let us relieve pain, restore mobility and flexibility. Now! Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Smart tools in Orthopedics

Smart tools like I-Assist and PSI are of great value in difficult cases and young patients.

High flex knee Replacement Guide

The High flex knee ( High Flexion Knee) is a boon to patients seeking increased function after a TKR.

Partial Knee replacement guide

Patients with symptomatic partial knee arthritis may benefit from a partial knee replacement.

Revision Knee Replacement.

Revision means that the previous implant has failed and replaced with another new one.

Recorded Operation

Watch real knee operations and learn about our techniques.


A high tibial osteotomy is a joint preservation procedure that will extend the use of your own knee by several years.

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Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam is a consultant orthopedic surgeon in Chennai, India. His interests are adult orthopedic reconstruction, sports medicine & trauma.

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Orthopedic surgeon with experience in joint Replacement, arthroscopy & cartilage repair.

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