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    Dear Dr. Higly pleased for your mail. Yes Dr. I must write about your good job and send my photo some days later. My condition is improving. Have a nice day. Read more

    SU, Bangladesh- ACL reconstruction,
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    After retirement, I was totally disabled due to crippling rheumatoid arthritis. I had lost hope of walking again. I am grateful to you,Sir for getting me on my feet by doing bilateral total knee replacements. Read more

    Mr.Narayanan, Pondichery- Knee replacement surgery
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    This is Ashish from Abu Dhabi. My mom is doing great. I take her out for long walks every day. She is able to kneel and offer Namaz. Her pains have disappeared. I wish to place my sincere thanks for the excellent service provided to my mom. Read more

    Ashish, Abu Dhabi

Flexible Knee replacement gives you extra bending to permit kneeling & squatting. Which procedure is best for you?

Knee replacement is a permanent solution when you have tried other options. I offer total knee replacement. The ideal age for a knee replacement is 65. If you are younger, a knee replacement alternative may be an option. See here, here and here.
Total knee replacement is also available for young patients. In them I use durable implants and techniques.
Knee replacement surgery is very safe in elderly patients too.

I routinely use high flexion knees which restore full mobility. 

If you are a woman, the Gender specific knee replacement will feel very comfortable.

If the damage is restricted to one part only, a partial  knee replacement may suffice.
If you have developed arthritis in young age, durable solutions are available. These durable joints can last for 30 years thus saving you a revision.

For those with metal allergy, non allergenic implants are available.

Techniques- I use conventional techniques and smart tools. One such tool is patient specific instruments (PSI).  These  techniques enable me to position the implant accurately. Patient specific instrumentation (custom fit knee) has several advantages like better alignment, reduced operating time, less bleeding & infection risk. Other methods are computer assisted surgery with traditional and personalized navigation. These are used in difficult cases with mal-united fractures.

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS)- I routinely use a minimally invasive approach.  See an example of a minimal invasive incision here.

When your existing implant has failed, revision knee replacement is performed.

Biomedical solution like Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) is  reserved for young patients.
An osteotomy may be indicated in malaligned legs.

Costs are calculated on the base of  implant, accommodation, hospital and individual case.
International patients can get a quote here. Indian patients can get a quote here. Our costs are competitive.
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Smart tools in Orthopedics

Patients seeking a knee replacement at our facility can now avail of a latest advance, patient specific instrumentation.

High flex knee Replacement Guide

The High flex knee ( High Flexion Knee) is a boon to patients seeking increased function after a TKR.

Partial Knee replacement guide

Patients with symptomatic partial knee arthritis may benefit from a partial knee replacement.


My mom is feeling great after the total knee replacement surgery & she is fully functional now - Padman Perumal, New Jersey. USA.

Recorded Operation

Watch real knee operations and learn about our techniques.

Cost Knee Replacement

High quality surgery at affordable cost attracts patients to us.

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Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam is a consultant orthopedic surgeon in Chennai, India. His interests are adult orthopedic reconstruction, sports medicine & trauma.

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Orthopedic surgeon with wide experience in joint Replacement, key hole surgery, regenerative medicine & general orthopedic surgery acquired at local & international levels.

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Consultant Orthopedic surgeon with Indian, British qualifications & British training. Fellow of Royal college of surgeons, UK. Former Associate professor of Orthopedic surgery. Private practice in Chennai, India.

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