Dr.MSH, Lucknow, India- high flex knee

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book-a-consultationDear Dr. Venkatachalam , It is a great pleasure for me that you are satisfied with my effort to achieve the target . Before approaching you for the operation I had consulted several orthopaedic surgeons and also one of my classmates who is at present working as Professor and Head of Orthopaedic Deptt. K.G.Medical University.They all had showed their inability to make me squat on the ground or make me possible to pray Nimaz in an usual way but you have done it and made it possible. Three cheers to you. As long as I am alive and continue to pray you will also get the benefit out of it. God may bless you . My good wishes are always with you. with best regard yours sincerely Dr. Husain.

Dr.MSH, Lucknow, India- high flex kneeDr.MSHLucknow

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