Mrs Mary Carmichael, UK- knee replacement

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768e~0025_r1book-a-consultationKnee replacement for British pensionerGood Morning Dr Venkatachalam, We have been home a week tonight, and things seem to be going well. My GP is very pleased with what he saw, apparently here you have an xray after six months, he will arrange one under nhs but we may well come back between September and Christmas, so I expect you would arrange it. I’m afraid I didn’t contact the press, sorry! But I did talk to Puni and told her she could give my phone no. and email to anyone who was interested. I enclose some pictures of when we were in Chennai and the last one taken this morning. It was very cold when we got home 10C during the day!! Yesterday it warmed up to about 21C it doesn’t get much warmer than that!
All good wishes to you and all the staff

Mrs Mary Carmichael, UK- knee replacementMrs Mary CarmichaelUK

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