About Us

Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam, Knee replacement specialist Chennai.

I am an Indian and UK board certified orthopaedic surgeon. I specialize in joint replacements, sports medicine and regenerative medicine.  I am fluent in primary & revision knee replacements,  Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, Cartilage repair with stem cells.  I have pioneered new techniques. I continuously expand my knowledge and skills. Patients from many countries have got their knee replaced or repiared. See this British patient’s testimonial here.

I use the services of two hospitals for my procedures.


1) Chennai Meenakshi multi-specialty hospital, Luz church road, Mylapore, Chennai Tel – 044 42938938.

2) Guest hospital, Poonamalle high road, Kilpauk, Chennai Tel- 044 26413656.

Both hospitals are located in the heart of the city. Take a virtual tour of the deluxe wing of one Hospital here. Rooms are available for all budgets. Cable TV is available in every room. Internet connection can be provided on request. Multi-specialty referrals are available to assess co morbidities. Recovery from surgery is pain free, as expert anesthetists provide effective anesthesia and post operative pain relief.

The intensive care unit is monitored by physicians round the clock. Expert physical therapists will help you recover mobility and strength quickly.

One attendant can stay in the patient”s room itself at no additional cost.