Has your orthopedic surgeon told you that you have osteo-arthritis of the knee? Have you been advised a knee replacement? Read about this condition here.

Osteoarthritis kneebook-a-consultationOsteoarthritis is a degenerative condition of the knee joint in which the cartilage lining has broken down. Primary Osetoarthritis is caused by aging and obesity.
Cartilage is the tissue which covers the end of bones. It acts as a cushion or shock absorber between the bones. It allows smooth and painless movement. When the cartilage is lost then the bones will grind together.




  • Swelling.
  • Pain.
  • Stiffness.
  • Grating sensation.
  • Limitation of movement.


  • Aging
  • Obesity


Total Knee replacements offer lasting pain relief. Flexible knee replacement gives 155 degrees of bending and this is important for Indians.
Other treatments that I offer are high tibial osteotomy and partial knee replacements. These preserve the knee.

To get a total knee replacement for your parents, e mail drvenkat@kneeindia.com

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