Are you worried about post operative pain? Do you want a painless knee replacement India? Get painless knee replacement India.
book-a-consultationPain after knee replacement can be worrisome if it is managed poorly. However in my practice, patients experience very little post operative pain and are able to mobilize the same day and return home early.

Humanitarian pain relief
The two objectives of post op analgesia are humanitarian pain relief and and early discharge. My patients will testify that they have no pain in the post op period and this feel good factor continues into the early recovery phase. Expert anesthetic and analgesic management facilitates this hitherto unpleasant part of the operation. Hence they require lesser amount of narcotics. They can cooperate with active movements of the knee to enable quicker return of knee movements.

Criteria of freedom from pain.
The patient should be able to do a straight leg raise. He should be able to bend the knee and keep it straight.

See a patient describe his painless knee replacement India.

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